hello! I am looking to start using the dynamic orc...
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hello! I am looking to start using the dynamic orchestration feature and i'm curious how experimental it is. are you just waiting for feedback before solidifying the interface or are there lots of features in the works that would dramatically change how they are used? thanks!
No dramatic changes expected. Any changes would be small to fix issues or support broader functionality. The experimental also communicates that some corners of the product may not handle the dynamic stuff gracefully yet
that's great to know, thank you!
hi @alex I have a (hopefully) quick follow up question. I was experimenting with using dynamic outputs today and was wondering if it's possible to have a solid the yields dynamic outputs map to another solid that yields dynamic outputs. For example, working off of the code example in the docs: let's say i wanted to add a solid that first found all of the directories in the current directory and yielded those as dynamic outputs. Then for each directory the
solid would get called, yield more dynamic outputs and the rest of the example would continue as written (maybe a final solid that collects the size from each directory and return the sum of those sizes). Is something like that possible? I tried to mock out some examples and got errors saying
Solid cannot be downstream of more than one dynamic output.
I could very well be setting up the order of my
wrong so i want to check before i abandon this line of work. If it isn't possible right now, is there a plan to support this type of functionality in the future?
Ya a limitation of the current implementation - its something we’re likely to support in the future
ok good to know!