Hi channel, question on asset catalog. For my appl...
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Hi channel, question on asset catalog. For my application, with previous versions of Dagit, assets used to be structured hierarchically (year would be folded and you could then open up and see months etc). Is this feature lost now in the more recent versions? Or I need a different convention in naming? Thanks
For clarity, what I see now is a plain list of assets rather than the top level only. This also slows down the UI.
Hi Marco - we flattened it out because we received feedback that the hierarchical layout was difficult to navigate. There are situations where the hierarchical layout is helpful for you? Would you mind telling us a little bit about those? We've talked about what it could look like to provide both.
Hierarchical is critical to make the catalog usable, in my context. Assets are indexed by date and I found very convenient to navigate the results of backfills through layers. Else it becomes difficult or even impossible to navigate the catalogue as there are way too many assets in my application(different asset types, all index by time) and the UI hangs
FYI @sandy, @prha the ‘flag’ solution did the trick. Also 0.11.4 seems to have fixed the issues I had in 0.11.3. Thanks for the help!
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