Hi, I've been installing dagster via poetry and sp...
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Hi, I've been installing dagster via poetry and specified certain packages with an older version (e.g.
dagster-pyspark = "==0.10.9"
dagster-celery-k8s = "==0.10.9"
). However, when the dependencies are resolved, the 0.10.9 versions of the specified packages are installed but the newest versions of dependencies such as dagster-spark, dagster-k8s and dagster-celery (currently 0.11.3) which were not explicitely specified. As I understand all versions of dagster packages should always be identical. Of course I can add dagster-spark, dagster-k8s and dagster-celery to my requirements file (pyproject.toml in poetry) but I can't foresee future changes or additions in dependencies for dagster packages, so I'd have to do that every time I add a package or update a version. Is it possible that the dagster team makes sure that these mismatches don't occur by preventing dependency resolution if versions of two or more dagster packages are unidentical/incompatible, and by locking the versions of dependencies to the specified version of the corresponding dagster package (i.e. if I specify
dagster-pyspark = "==0.10.9"
dagster-spark = "==0.10.9"
is implied? Or am I missing something?
this is a good idea -- i think we can do this by templating the requirements so that when we release
all the other dagster packages are pinned to that same release
would you mind opening an issue?