Basically the ECSRunLauncher - does it mean the da...
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Basically the ECSRunLauncher - does it mean the dagster-daemon doesn't work?
There’s not currently an ECSRunLauncher - it’s something I worked on a little bit over the winter but haven’t had a chance to complete. However, that shouldn’t preclude you from running on ECS. The deployment story is less push-button than the K8s one but there are some docs available on it here:
Thanks - but would we still have a separate Daemon and Dagit container, so that our state isn't wiped during upgrades?
Hi Peter - you'd still have a separate daemon and Dagit container, yeah
(Although the daemon isn't needed to keep your state from being wiped during a dagster upgrade - as long as your dagster storage is persistent, e.g. using postgres or mysql, you should be good there)
oh ok awesome thanks!