Has any work been done to date to support executio...
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Has any work been done to date to support executions via knative (and therefore google cloud functions)?
Depends what you mean by "extensions". It is possible to run dagster on Cloud Run in "single container" mode
I deploy a simple "web runner" flask app (codeDocker setup) that runs 
 when triggered by a HTTP request from Cloud Scheduler (docs). I run 
 locally (connecting to the same GCP Postgres instance) to observe the run output.
No fancy "spread load across multiple containers"; but it can work out very inexpensive since you're only paying for the time your pipelines are actually running - my simple pipeline that runs once / day costs ~ €0.01 for 385.47 vCPU-second / day
Nice, that's very similar to how I've been using it - I have a persistent SQL Server instance, on-demand ephemeral compute (on prem; triggerable via HTTP request), and a way to run dagit pointed at the database. I might try and license a managed k8s service, but since my workloads don't currently require any special hardware resources, I thought it might be simpler to forego the k8s process overhead and rely entirely on cloud functions for execution of solids, and maybe app engine for dagit.
One problem I haven't been able to solve with hosting Dagit on GCP Cloud run is (HTTP) authentication. If you come up with a solution that isn't too expensive I've love to learn what you did