Hey! Im trying to integrate great expectations but...
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Hey! Im trying to integrate great expectations but the example is not really clear to me. Is there any other resources where I can check examples?
hi @Eduardo Santizo have you checked out the example docs: https://docs.dagster.io/integrations/great-expectations
we also have a blog post talking about the integration: https://dagster.io/blog/great-expectations-for-dagster
Hey @yuhan. Yes, I practically copied the example with my own suite and got the error: ‘DataTextConfig’ object has no attribute ‘validation_operators’. I wanted to check another example to see what I did wrong but theres nothing ☹️
hi eduardo, what version of great expectations are you on and can we see the full error?
Im using the ge 0.13.10
This is the error
it's possible that GE broke us with 0.13 -- can you try downgrading and see if the error persists?
pip uninstall great-expectations && pip install great-expectations--0.12.10
should do it
yep i think actually this broke in 0.13.10
would you mind +1ing this issue: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/3319
After downgrading the pipeline breaks even faster
Sorry to ask such a dumb question but how do you one up the issue?
ah there should be a button to add a reaction but
if this is also broken on 0.12.x, can you open a new issue?
and do you have any code you feel comfortable sharing that we can use to reproduce it?
fyi dagster-ge==0.11.0 is working for me with great-expectations pinned to 0.12.10
I will try downgrading to dagster-ge==0.11.0 then. Currently I have the 0.11.1 version
@Jeff Hulbert Do you mind sharing a bit of your code so I can see how you implemented the integration?
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from dagster.core.definitions.decorators.composite_solid import composite_solid
from dagster.core.definitions.decorators.lambda_solid import lambda_solid
from dagster.utils import file_relative_path
from dagster import ModeDefinition. lambda_solid, solid, composite_solid
from dagster_ge import ge_validation_solid_factory
from dagster_ge.factory import ge_data_context

GE_PROJECT_DIR = file_relative_path(__file__, "../great_expectations")
GE_DATASOURCE_NAME = "pandasdata"

ge_data_context_conf = ge_data_context.configured({"ge_root_dir": GE_PROJECT_DIR})

local_mode = ModeDefinition(
        "ge_data_context": ge_data_context_conf,

def continue_if_validated(df: DataFrame, expectation) -> DataFrame:
    if expectation["success"]:
        return df
        raise ValueError("GE Validation for dataset failed, see previous step")

def load_table_factory(table_name):
    check.str_param(table_name, "table_name")

            "table_name": Field(
    def load_table_solid():
        """Download table, validate if great expectation suite exists, load it to database"""
        ge_suite_name = f"{table_name}.fail"
        validate_solid = ge_validation_solid_factory(
        continue_load_solid = continue_if_validated.alias(
        df = download_table_solid()
        return load_df_to_db_solid(continue_load_solid(df, validate_solid(df)))

    return load_table_solid
grabbed pieces from a few different pieces of code - but this should give you an idea
that factory makes a composite solid that downloads the data, validates it with GE, then if its valid will load it
cut out some extraneous stuff so not sure if this snipped 100% works
Thanks a lot! I will try it ou
@max I was about to open a new issue, but after trying the code @Jeff Hulbert provided, I still got the same error. Just to be sure, I downgraded my dagster-ge package even further to the latest 0.10 version. Still, the same error about checkpoint_store_error. Apparently there is something wrong with my code and I'm not sure what it is
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# Path to the great expectations folder in the local directory
ge_project_dir = file_relative_path(__file__, "./great_expectations")

# Data source name in the expectation suite
ge_datasource_name = "test_datasource"

# Data context configuration of the root directory
ge_data_context_conf = ge_data_context.configured({"ge_root_dir": ge_project_dir})

# Basic mode definition for the great expectations data context configuration
basic_mode = ModeDefinition(
        "ge_data_context": ge_data_context_conf,

# Definition of the great expectations validation solid
ge_validate_CAMPR3 = ge_validation_solid_factory(

# Pipeline definition
    # The following lines are needed for the great expectations integration
def CAMPR3_pipeline():

    ids = retrieve_CAMP_ids()
    df = scrape_CAMPs(ids)
    validate_and_save(df, ge_validate_CAMPR3(df))
This is all the code related to the great expectations integration, but can't seem to find the error related to the "checkpoint_store_error"
does the string
appear in your validation suite?
my hunch is this is a version mismatch between the version of GE that created the validation suite and the version that's installed in your dagster environment
Yep, this string appears in my great_expectations.yml file: "checkpoint_store_name: checkpoint_store"
I will check if thats the case. brb
That was exactly the error! Thanks a lot @max. The 0.13.4 version seems to be broken, but 0.12.10 works.
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Thanks a lot!
happy to help!
@Dagster Bot docs mention that the version of GE used to create the expectations suite must match the version installed in the dagster environment
Hi, I'm wondering if at some point we will be able to use the latest version of GE with dagster. I tried to run the example and I receive the same error:
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AttributeError: 'DataContextConfig' object has no attribute 'validation_operators'
I have: great-expectations 0.13.30 dagster 0.12.4 dagster-ge 0.12.4 Seems that the GE 0.12.X doesn't have the V3 api
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great_expectations --v3-api init
Usage: great_expectations [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
Try 'great_expectations --help' for help.

Error: no such option: --v3-api
This is an issue for anyone following the GE tutorial. @max