Can you help me to install the package in a way th...
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Can you help me to install the package in a way that dagster is happy?
Hmmm this a bit tricky to debug without some more information. I’m also not too familiar with conda and don’t know if that adds complications.
One thing that sticks out is that you should probably be using an editable install. So
pip install -e .
rather than
pip install .
I would also make sure that dagit is running in the idential environment of your script
python -m dagit
not just
Does it help if you change
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from hello_b import hello_b_pipeline
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from .hello_b import hello_b_pipeline
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from usecase_b.hello_b import hello_b_pipeline
An import like "from hello_b import hello_b_pipeline" will only work if that folder is included in your sys.path, which isn't always the case. You can reproduce the problem outside of dagster by running "python -m usecase_b.repository_b".
interesting @daniel indeed, this is reproducing the problem.
is not changing anything.
python -m dagit
fails as well /reproduces the problem.
@daniel really interesting:
from .hello_b import hello_b_pipeline
works. But why?
I thought that
pip install
would include the package as a regular package - and thus it should be available on the syspath.
python imports are confusing, but I believe pip install just installs the top-level module that you installed as a globally-accessible import, not every sub-folder. So I'd expect 'import usecase_b.hello_b' to work everywhere but not 'import hello_b'