Hi Is there programmatic way to get artifacts crea...
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Hi Is there programmatic way to get artifacts created by pipeline? My use case is to create report in the last solid and send it by mail. Thank you.
Hi Yan! This should be straightforward to do -- what kind of report are you creating?
Asset materializations are available through GraphQL 🙂
@max just put some number values in solids (Like number of rows that were processed) And then build table (column is name of the solid and rows are stored asset values)
Graphql i think requires dagit?
Is it a SQL table, or a .csv that you're writing to disk somewhere, or something else?
Or are you talking about reading asset materializations for metadata that your solids create?
You can get pipeline events, including asset materializations, in pure Python if you don't want to use the GraphQL API -- the methods you need are on
Yes i am talking about asset materializations Will look at dagster instance Tnx!