Hey all! Would anyone be able to point me to some ...
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Hey all! Would anyone be able to point me to some documentation that describes the different modes sensors can have? I've scoured the dagster documentation with no luck, all I can see is that "default" mode is the default mode.
Hey Alex, sensors currently do not have modes. This is something we are looking into.
Could you describe exactly what you are trying to accomplish? That’s very helpful for us to know.
Hi Nick! Sure, I was investigating whether sensors have a manual trigger outside of
dagster sensor preview
. The proposed idea is to have the sensor to remove irrelevant data, and have the pipeline perform ETL operations with that relevant subset.
If it’s helpful here’s a slack thread that shows how to manually invoke the sensor eval loop: https://dagster.slack.com/archives/CCCR6P2UR/p1614115905088900?thread_ts=1614115311.086600&cid=CCCR6P2UR
working on less awkward approach but it does work
This is very helpful indeed! I'll give it a shot when I have a moment and give you my feedback.
Thanks a lot!
@Dagster Bot docs Document pipeline mode targeting when using sensors
Sensors should have the same mode settings as pipelines and dagit should let me choose the sensor mode just like I can with pipelines.