Good day everyone, and thank you for Dagster. I am...
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Good day everyone, and thank you for Dagster. I am very new to it, and would appreciate a bit of help, please. I'm working through the tutorial and the examples, but was wondering if there is a good reference DAG that can how me how to iterate through an arbitrary list APIs and download some data, either in serial, or better yet, concurrently. So it might be a case of calling the same API ,but with different parameters. That would then be encapsulated in a solid, right? And you would use something like to make the calls? Thank you in advance for any advice. I am going to look at more examples to hopefully understand if this is the correct approach.
Hey Gerhard! Dis toevallig dat ons so saam join. Please let me know what you find? I have similar requirements and will also keep you updated on what I find
Hey Stephan, yes. Ek dink Dagster het baie potential