Hey - trying to write out logs in a Redshift Table...
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Hey - trying to write out logs in a Redshift Table using custom logger, it says required_resource_keys is not accepted argument for @logger, is there another way to achieve this?
Hi @Deveshi ! Right now, there’s not a way to do this… We instantiate our loggers outside of the scope of an execution context (which is where the resources get initialized). I think it’s a reasonable thing to want to do, but it won’t be a quick change. Do you mind filing an issue for this in Github? We’ve been thinking a lot about resources lately and this is a valuable use case to keep track of.
In the short term, unfortunately you’d have to connect to redshift manually, without the dagster machinery of initializing resources for you.
Hi @prha! Thanks for the quick response, sure I'll do as advised :)
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