:wave: I have a scheduled pipeline which I cannot ...
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👋 I have a scheduled pipeline which I cannot rerun after it failed.
xxxx_pipeline cannot be executed with the provided config.
If I copy the schedule config runs fine.
This what I can see on Dagit
Hi - did you possibly rename your repository after the first time you launched the run? The error message looks like it can no longer find the pipeline code in the repository it was in when it ran, which it needs in order to re-execute the run.
I didn't and other pipelines run fine from that repo
Strange - Do you remember how you turned on the schedule, and if you go to the schedules page for your repository is it still on in the way you would expect?
Also if you are using a workspace.yaml file and wouldn’t mind posting it, that would be helpful
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  - python_file:
      relative_path: src/data_pipeline/repositories.py
  - python_file:
      relative_path: src/data_pipeline/model_repo.py
scheduler seems ok to me
if I get the runconfig from the scheduler I can run the job
the job even started at night (it failed because of an independent issue) I just cannot rerun it
What version of dagster is this?
If this is back on 0.9.x (which I suspect it is from the error text?) there's a good possibility it'll be fixed if you upgrade. The scheduler has been dramatically improved in the 0.10 release
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ahh yes, it's 0.9.22. Thanks a lot, will upgrade it soon 🙂
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