Hi team, where can I find / how can I setup the lo...
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Hi team, where can I find / how can I setup the logging for sensors?
Hi Marco - sensors don’t have the same types of built-in logging in dagit that solids do. You can yield a SkipReason from the sensor that explains more about why the sensor didn’t execute, but depending on your use case that might not be sufficient for what you’re looking for.
Indeed - I am more interested in what happened inside the sensor. I suppose I could setup a separate logger for that with independent logging files/streams?
The other aspect I have been battling with is the cancelling of runs - see my other message. Is there a bulk delete/terminate whether in dagit or via CLI? What I am doing at the moment while prototyping is to purge the instance DBs, which is obviously not viable for real use cases.
Hi Marco. We don’t have a way right now to capture logs and view them in dagit but it’s an excellent idea… Can you file a feature request in github for that?
re: run cancellation, there should be options to bulk delete runs in the runs view, but I think it’s limited to the current set of displayed runs (maybe 25 at a time?)
aside from that, there is a
dagster run wipe
CLI command which should delete all runs (but not necessarily terminate any that are in flight)
oh, just saw your other message… I guess neither of those solutions would necessarily address your issue of deleting all queued runs.