Hey dagster team! Quick question, are there any fu...
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Hey dagster team! Quick question, are there any future plans of being able to run R code within a solid? My team has historically written scripts in R which they are reluctant to translate to python code.
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you can run R scripts from a solid (e.g., using
there isn't currently a framework that would make the dagster context available in R, let you yield events from R code, etc.
we definitely want to make sure that kind of integration is feasible
but it hasn't been built yet -- though definitely very happy to support any effort to actually implement it
Thanks Max! What would be the process of implementing it? I've never really contributed to an open source project before but would be open to the idea!
the thing we have that's closest to this is the integration with jupyter notebooks,
-- although both sides of the interface are in python, we do pass a dagster context across a process boundary (to a process we don't directly control, the jupyter kernel)
maybe we could chat sometime about some of the complexities involved -- i have written R professionally but it was a long time ago, but would def be interested in helping out
there might be clever ways to do this -- depending on what your team is willing to do
for instance, people seem to have figured out how to embed R code within jupyter notebooks https://rpy2.github.io/doc/latest/html/interactive.html#rmagic
might also be able to build on https://rpy2.github.io/
Yes, rpy2 might be a good option! I'll look into it
I raised an issue a while ago for an R Execution env https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/2624 Not sure about the feasibility 🤷🏻 but maybe something that could be implemented in the futrue