Hey all, I have a Docker/Dagster question—right n...
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Hey all, I have a Docker/Dagster question—right now in my Dagster pipeline I'm using the
library to read/write files to S3.  It works locally, however, when running within Docker, it can't find my credentials. The specific error is
botocore.exceptions.NoCredentialsError: Unable to locate credentials
and seems to be coming from
when boto3 tries to instantiate the client. I volume mounted my 
 file (containing creds/config) into the Docker containers at 
but Dagster/boto3 still isn't able to find the credentials.  Does anyone know how to resolve this/where the credentials should be stores so boto3 can find them? (note for actual deployment we plan to use IAM but for testing Docker locally I need to figure out how to pass the creds).  Thanks again!
could try environment variables
Are you using a single docker container or running a multi-container setup with docker-compose
multi-container setup with docker-compose
env variables would be great, but the way dagster-aws constructs the boto3 client I'm not sure would currently work with env variables would it?
It does, it just uses botocore so it’ll look for env vars to provide the credentials
I’m doing the same approach after i couldn’t figure out how to properly mount the .aws dir for it
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Oh awesome. That would be ideal then. This was the line where I think the client gets created right (
line 63)?
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self._s3_session = boto3.resource(
            "s3", use_ssl=use_ssl, verify=_verify, endpoint_url=endpoint_url
Cool I'll try env variables then if you had success with that. I had just thought based on that code snippet above that it didn't load the env variables anywhere.
If you don’t have the var’s set by default you can do:
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AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="$(aws configure get aws_access_key_id)"
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="$(aws configure get aws_secret_access_key)"
in a build.sh script. Just need to expose them in the docker-compose for each service, I don’t think I even reference them in the actual dockerfiles
Oh awesome thanks!
Oh awesome thanks! That was the piece of info I was missing. Really appreciate it all!