Hi, we’re using the `dagster api grpc-health-check...
# announcements
Hi, we’re using the
dagster api grpc-health-check
command as our kubernetes livenessProbe for our pipelines container (every 5 seconds). This is causing significant load on the CPU. Aside from reducing the frequency of the liveness probe, are there any other fixes for this/plans to streamline this in a future release? We’re running 0.10.0
let me do some profiling we did change the default threadpool size in
though I doubt there is a busy-wait if the thread pool is under resourced
can you provide some more context on what exactly you are observing? Does the CPU just jump every 5 seconds?
most of the cpu time is in imports - was able to move some things around and cut it in half
Thanks @alex - the CPU only jumps every 5 seconds - it seems like your attribution to imports is right. We’ll probably reduce the livenessProbe frequency anyway. The changes you made to the imports - will that be available in the next release?
yep they are landed should come out tomorrow
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