Hi All! :slightly_smiling_face: I have a scenario...
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Hi All! 🙂 I have a scenario where i am passing different fileNames to
method inside
, which are further processed by various solids, now when this sensor will run again after some interval, it is not going to re run the fileNames that have already been passed to it due to
Idempotence using run keys
feature of sensor, So lets say my specific file does not get processed correctly or encounters any problem during processing, in this case it will not be rerun ever by sensor whereas i want to re run only for this specific file. Any Solutions ??
Hi Hamza - would you like the sensor to automatically re-launch runs for every file that fails? Or are you hoping to manually retry a single specific run?
@daniel Would like to know and try both of them.
To manually retry a run - the page for the sensor in dagit should show any runs created by the sensor, and you can re-execute individual runs by clicking on the run and then pressing the ‘re-execute’ button in the upper right of the run page. Automatically retrying all runs from the sensor that fail is trickier. You could even have another sensor for it that reads from the runs DB looking for runs with tags for the sensor that failed and relaunches them. @prha may have some thoughts here as well
Yeah, for automatic retries of sensors, I’d recommend putting that logic in the sensor itself. It could query failed runs for a given run key and issue a new run key (maybe with a counter) after some amount of time. We don’t support automatic retries of failed runs out of the box, because we don’t want to waste compute resources if the data itself causes an error.
@prha @daniel Got it, thanks for the guidance btw 👍🙂