Hey folks :wave: Is there a good pattern in Dagste...
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Hey folks 👋 Is there a good pattern in Dagster to avoid running solids when the output of a previous solid is
or an empty list? I have an
solid that pulls data from a REST API as a list of dicts, which I take as input in a
solid to format as a dataframe. The API is not guaranteed to return results for a given partition, which then causes issues downstream with my IO manager and Dagster’s type validation. I could address that in the
solid, but curious if there was a better pattern to use — some kind of conditional execution logic in the pipeline definition?
Oops, I’m sorry that was kind of an obvious one 🤦‍♂️ For anyone else that has the same question:
OutputDefinition(Type, "name", is_required=False)
Nailed it!