Missing required config entry "solids" at the root...
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Missing required config entry "solids" at the root. Hello, I am trying to learn dagster. My idea at the end is to couple mlflow with dagster. First, I want to have a "generic workflow" with one branch for different models. The best would be to make those branch dynamically created. I use multiple output (split train/test). My idea is to feed ml_model function with a dict containing a configuration. Dict is here: https://github.com/slamer59/dagster-mlflow/blob/fdbe6ba7f4e9352cfae3e749dcf861a47cfbd8b5/classify_wines.py#L92 Here ml_model https://github.com/slamer59/dagster-mlflow/blob/fdbe6ba7f4e9352cfae3e749dcf861a47cfbd8b5/classify_wines.py#L129 Why i am having this error ? How to pass dict as input ? Thanks 🙂
Ok. Now it wokrs with only one model. I am passing now a dict in config. I don't know if it is a good way to do it. Now, I wonder how to loop over my dict to test all models.
@Thomas - glad that it's working for you. You could loop over your dict inside the pipeline function to create a solid per model
You could also run
in a loop with different configuration each time
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