Hi everyone, I've problems with Docker Deployment....
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Hi everyone, I've problems with Docker Deployment. I deployed docker example and the repo is loaded correctly in Dagit UI, but when i launch it, the daemon runs de pipeline but throw an error. Dagster.core.errors.DagsterImportError: Encountered ImportError:
No module named 'redd_motodb'
while importing module repo from file /opt/dagster/pipelines/repo.py. Local modules were resolved using the working directory
. If another working directory should be used, please explicitly specify the appropriate path using the
for CLI based targets or the
configuration option for
-based workspace.yaml targets.
Hi Cesar, is it possible to post the full stack trace from the error message? Which run launcher are you using?
if you're using the DockerRunLauncher like in the example, I'm wondering if it's using the correct image to launch the run - there should be a line in the logs for the run that says something like "Launching run in container XXX" - curious what that XXX is and if it's what you'd expect