Hello everyone, first time poster here :wave: I’ve...
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Hello everyone, first time poster here 👋 I’ve been playing with Dagster for the past week or two after watching the presentation by Nick at dbt’s Coalesce conference. Really been enjoying it! Anyways, so far I’ve managed to set up a working pipeline that I can run in a local playground. I have a Snowflake resource for which I assign configurations through presets (pretty similar to what’s discussed in the topic above). But I’m having a hard time using presets with schedules. I’ve been able to set a schedule for a pipeline and had it run properly before I introduced the Snowflake resource in my project. But now that I need to pass configurations, I’m not sure I understand how presets can be loaded in the schedule. I assumed it would load it automatically, as those presets are associated to a pipeline, but seems not… So, I think I might be missing a link here. How can you assign presets to a schedule? Thanks in advance for any help!
Hi Olivier, thanks for your feedback! Defining which preset to use for a schedule has been discussed here https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/2943
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