Is there a way we can construct pipelines using th...
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Is there a way we can construct pipelines using the graphql API? Lets say I have written some solids and want to construct the pipeline using a yaml file or the graphql api?
Like not having a PipelineDefintion in code at all? I don't think so
The GraphQL API is a way to query and manage pipeline runs and whatnot, but you don't define pipelines through that.
Hi Jaikant, I could imagine a PipelineDefinition that’s created from a yaml file - the only requirement that dagster has is that you can call a function to construct your repository that specifies a PipelineDefinition for each of your pipelines. Most often each pipeline definition is static and created in code, but as long as a PipelineDefinition is returned when that function is called, the system should be fine. Constructing a pipeline definition via graphql isn’t something that we have any support for currently though.
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@daniel thank you! Sounds great,