Hi everyone - I have Dagit running inside a contai...
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Hi everyone - I have Dagit running inside a container; I can run one of my pipelines locally using a preset -- everything works for me. However, when a teammate, using the same container image and pipeline code, tries to run the same pipeline, he gets a "This pipeline run has been marked as failed from outside the execution context." and the run fails without any stack trace, etc. Any ideas what could be causing that? We're on 0.9.19
are there any other messages in the event log? This type of failure happens when the subprocess for execution crashes unexpectedly
no, we haven't been able to find anything
what environment is the container running in? Are you just looking at
for logs or looking at stdout/stderr in the container
resource constraint differences in the container run times is one thing to check
oh, interesting
I think this is it. Thanks for the tip! I'll follow up in a few
almost certain this is the issue. Still don't know why his machine is imposing a really low memory limit at runtime, but we know what we're looking to solve, now. Thanks for your help, @alex!
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it could be systemwide docker limits, you can increase them depending on the host OS you run
yep, that was the issue. The default behavior is really different between Windows and OSX; OSX imposes a much lower memory limit by default. He had to change his settings in Docker Desktop
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