Hi Guys! What is the Dagster Way to simplify / use...
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Hi Guys! What is the Dagster Way to simplify / use config like parameters in Playground / GraphQL? I put some context into the thread. Thanks in advance if you can help me
so in Playground, i have an execution like this
the red square looks like config for me, and actually that is same in every requests in a particular environment...where should I define this to start execution with only the pipeline's dynamic parameter without the red square?
hey 👋, thanks for the question! as you pointed out, there should be a better way to handle repeated config esp. for execution and storage. we’re currently considering a few possibilities (such as moving it up to instance config) and would love to hear your thoughts!
ah, just read @Noah K’s suggestion 👍 and realized i might have misunderstood your question. are you looking to programmatically define execution + storage in one place in your code or are you hoping that it won’t show up in the playground view?