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Istvan Darvas

11/26/2020, 8:08 PM
Guys! I tried everything with this PG Connection error. Which I don't understand where should I give PG Connection parameters to dagit, because the dagster.yml instance config is not interpreted or I don't know what is happening. I put some info into the thread if there would be someone who can check it.
Based on this part of the documentation: I tried to setup PG backend for my dagster
I set the DAGSTER_HOME env in my k8s pod, and put dagster.yal there with an init container
I am pretty sure dagit can find this, because if i comment out the run storage pg section, everything is working fine, with locally as it works in my local development environment. so dagit can find this config value
but if I try to run a test pipeline, i got PG looks like DAGIT cannot connect to my PG instance (version 12.3)
but I can with a client from the same container with the given env variables
so some advice would be appreciated what should I check to figure out what needs to connect to PG backend
thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving!
I forget to attache the error from dagit playground
I had a little time, so I figured out what is going on with the connection. So I use PGBouncer 🙂 and your connection cannot go across that. Without PGBouncer everything works just fine.