Guys, Can you please tell me where should I specif...
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Guys, Can you please tell me where should I specify working directory for my pipelines? I am going to put some stuff into the thread. Thanks in advance, if someone can help me
Here is the warn
I use a very simple workspace def
I did not find this configuration parameter in the workspace part of the documentation, i was looking for here:
can you please tell me where should I set this?
You could do something like this:
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  - python_file:
      working_directory: my_directory
I believe
is resolved relative to the
file location
i tried this, this was my intuitive 1st gues, but did not work...I am going to try it again...
sorry, i did not try this...i did not use this relative path
@prha thanks, that was the issue
now it is ok
do u know where is this suggestion in the documentation? have you seen it?
we have an issue open to completely overhaul the workspace documentation as it's currently missing some key pieces: Will make sure that gets prioritized
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@daniel thanks!