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Istvan Darvas

11/24/2020, 1:51 PM
Hi Guys, today I tried to deploy Dagster on K8s, Everything has been started except Flower. Config doc, says it's a queue debug tool. 🙂 so I think I will need this for better observability. It did not start, there was no special thing in the config. So some help would be appreciated. I put some debug stuff into the thread, thanks in advance
I got this error. Screenshot from K8s Console
Helm was configured like this and I tried to install with the lastest version: dagster-0.9.20.tgz
What I miss? What should I provide to this poor service ;)
any help would be appreciated. Thanks
everything else looks good, so I am going to start checking
it's not live, 🙂 that is my stupid name choice, but I hope it will be sometime :)


11/24/2020, 3:41 PM
what image is it using? there were some issues with flower and the newest release of celery
i think our default is not good and needs to be changed

Istvan Darvas

11/24/2020, 4:14 PM
@alex Thanks you checked this....Aye i was just using the default helm chart, I have just finished checking it, so now I think I understand your logic, so I refactored my directory structure ... i am going to read your answers, and try to deploy my pipeline i will tell you a feedback here...thanks...
i will use a mono repo for this whole data platform (now it consists only one pipeline) 🙂