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Istvan Darvas

11/23/2020, 2:39 PM
SOLVED' - Sorry, I keep this here so everyone can see how lame I am. - I had a custom mode....I have read in the doc about external GraphQL execution (so I usually do not use GraphQL, but it does not seem too hard based on your example So what I did I mutated a query for me based on your code snipet (I am going to put into the thread) ... but it seems it needs some kind of "mode" or something else, but the doc says if you are skipping this it will use the "default" - but for me this is not working on the playground ) Can you please tell me, help me...what is wrong with my query? Thanks, Darvi
when I try to put mode: default into the variable json
I got this with the same query above
Here is the doc I tried to use:, but the "mode" attribute is not clear for me...
any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance
SOLVED - I had a custom pipeline mode: "Live" 😄 omg, sorry I did not want to bother you


11/23/2020, 3:15 PM
Glad you sorted this out - I think there's an action item here for us to improve the error message when we get a mode that we don't recognize? It should say what the possible modes are, not just that the one you passed in isn't valid.

Istvan Darvas

11/23/2020, 3:16 PM
That would be very helpful for lames like me :D
@daniel thanks