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Release Schedule and Dropping Python 2 Support Just wanted to give a couple of quick updates for everyone. 1) We have pushed our release our 0.10.0 release (code-named “The Edge of Glory”) to January 7th, 2021. We felt like our current release schedule was too close to the holiday break. We will giving more details about this release as the date approaches. We talked about our new fault-tolerant scheduling infrastructure at our last community meeting:

. There are other improvements coming as well. 2) Starting with that release, we will no longer support Python 2. Based on the lack of objections in this discussion as well as information from pypistats and our own telemetry, we have determined that usage of Dagster by Python 2 users is very minimal. Dropping Python 2 will reduce our surface area and allow us to build more “python-3-native” public APIs for Dagster, which we are excited about.
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