Thanks everyone for the meeting, excited to see da...
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Thanks everyone for the meeting, excited to see dagster and the community growing! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about our approach
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the jupyter centric workflow is so interesting, thanks for sharing
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yes! execute_pipeline + tqdm in notebook is something i’d love to see a video of 🙂
actually I have a question here 😃 my current tqdm implementation for dagster is like this: and it does quite well in dagit but in jupyter you see both the nice graphical progressbar and the error-log ascii one. I couldn’t find an easy way to detirmine that you’re running in a jupyter env to disable the ascii duplicate
can it be understood from the fact that you’re running it with execute_pipeline method?
oh, that’s funny: I’ve been here but haven’t scrolled to the answer after the accepted one 😃 the proposal about
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works like charm!
i’ll ubdate the pr 😉