Hi all. Had a quick question on coding patterns fo...
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Hi all. Had a quick question on coding patterns for expectations. Suppose I have a data verification step within a solid which should be treated as terminal or non-terminal, depending on the configuration of the pipeline (eg., maybe in dev mode, all failed expectations are terminal, whereas in production runs a failed expectation is only recorded). I can obviously write code that either raises a Failure or yields an ExpectationResult based on the mode that pipeline is running in. Just wondering if there is already API for doing that that I'm overlooking?
there isn't yet an api for this, but very interested to hear what you would like to be able to write
in the status quo i would use config for this
I was kind of hoping to be able to write a snippet like:
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yield ExpectationResult(
would you mind opening an issue?
Sure, will do. thanks!
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couldnt find the corresponding issue so i filed https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/3335. feel free to close if its a dupe. Thanks @Steve Gustafson for reporting this!