I am facing a problem with dagster tutorial dealin...
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I am facing a problem with dagster tutorial dealing with multiple outputs from Basics of Solids section @solid( config_schema={ 'process_hot': Field(Bool, is_required=False, default_value=True), 'process_cold': Field(Bool, is_required=False, default_value=True), }, output_defs=[ OutputDefinition( name='hot_cereals', dagster_type=DataFrame, is_required=False ), OutputDefinition( name='cold_cereals', dagster_type=DataFrame, is_required=False ), ], ) here I am not able to refer to DataFrame.... I tried importing it from pandas but I get the error as invalid dagster_type
hey @Manas Jain I think you want:
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from dagster import PythonObjectDagsterType
DataFrame = PythonObjectDagsterType(list, name='DataFrame')
we should include this in the tutorial, thanks for flagging
Thanks @nate, this worked like a charm!
Hi Team, can we call multiple pipelines in dagit running in parallel using GraphQL client?