Hey <!channel> we just pushed out (<https://twitte...
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Hey <!channel> we just pushed out (https://twitter.com/schrockn/status/1293240297137217537) a new blog post (https://medium.com/dagster-io/dagster-the-data-orchestrator-5fe5cadb0dfb). This is the biggest update of the project in a year. We attempt to sum up the progress we’ve made and what we’ve learned. We are going to actively grow the community more starting today. We’ve been pretty silent up until now and this is going to change. To start we’d like to socialize the article. But expect more public communication and case studies from here on out. A few asks: 1) Please share or RT the tweetstorm and/or the article. 2) If you are a satisfied, active user, including some testimonial would be awesome. 3) Upvote on HN https://news.ycombinator.com/newest Thanks again to everyone for being such awesome early users! And please leave any feedback or thoughts on the post. I know its a bit of a lift to read, but curious to see if it aligns with your experience.
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