Hi team! Really enjoying working with / advocating...
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Hi team! Really enjoying working with / advocating for dagster. Have stumbled into a pickling error I’m struggling to locate - likely some misconfiguration my end, bu having a hard time parsing the error to locate it. Any pointers would be highly appreciated!
Invoking the pipeline via
on latest Dagster version. Also same problem running through Dagit.
Dagit error is slightly more verbose and suggests a problem with the framework itself.
👋 Hi James
what is the type of that solid's outputs?
Hi Max!
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            dagster_type=List[Dict[String, Any]],
            description='A list of dicts for all objects properties returned'
Thinking about it, the
values in the Dicts are a mix of strings and various LDAP objects, so there might be some slightly exotic stuff inside the LDAP bits.
Perhaps advisable to extract all the LDAP data I want to basic data types prior to return / pickling.
yeah, if you are trying to pickle stuff that has exotic values like threading locks in it, that won't work
you can also write a custom type loader/materializer
Great, thanks for the prompt to get me thinking!