Hey All, We've been experimenting with Dagster ove...
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Hey All, We've been experimenting with Dagster over the past few weeks and really like it! We are very interested in deploying Dagit as a service and being able to trigger pipelines via REST calls rather than scheduling with chron. Any guidance on the best way to go about implementing something like this? As far as I know there is no rest interface for Dagit nor do any of the current extensions offer what we need... but knowing me it is very possible I just missed something. Thanks in advance for any guidance!
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you will probably want to use Dagit's GraphQL api
if you just navigate to
in dagit, there's an interactive playground you can use to explore the API
Thanks! I'll check it out
@Cam Marquis we're doing this as well, and currently the best working code samples I've found for doing this are in the test suite for dagster-graphql. Warning: due to test scaffolding, the code there is far from simple
@Danny Yeah I've been looking there this morning. You are definitely right... far from simple. I'll be working this the next few days and be sure to share whatever I come up with!
@max any positive feelings about adding an official graphql client in
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from dagster_graphql import DagsterGraphQLClient

client = DagsterGraphQLClient('<http://localhost:9000>')
client.launch_pipeline('my_pipeline', config={})
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i think that'd be wonderful and would welcome a PR -- and also feel free to open an issue against this
sigh i guess we do also have this https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/1856