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# announcements
@schrockn @nate @John Helewa @Cris @Fran Sanchez @Rafal I've made a boilerplate repo of our dagster setup at bestplace.ai to share with the community: https://github.com/bestplace/cube We run it containerized on multiple servers using celery-docker executor for pipeline isolation and self-hosted s3+postgres as persistent storages It has a nice ansible role inside, safe hot reloading on code deployments, and yaml-DSL for making your new pipelines from existing solids really fast It is also aimed on jupyter-dagstermill solids and its worker container is a fully-functional jupyterlab image. We'll add .ipynb solids support soon Hope it could give you some inspiration \ starting point for your deployments
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Thanks to my colleague @Dmitry Krylov and all the dagster team helping a lot