Looking at the code for Dagit, I'm curious if ther...
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Looking at the code for Dagit, I'm curious if there has been any discussion around the use of gevent-websockets given that it hasn't seen any commits for the past 2 years. As a corollary to that, has there been any consideration of converting to one of the ASGI frameworks given the reliance on websockets?
ya its definitely a known source of risk using that stale websocket library. As we continue down this path of separating “host” processes from “user” processes, we’ve actually been discussing rewriting the
webserver in Javascript given the maturity of the GraphQL and. websocket libraries there. Will have to look in to ASGI as well, thanks for the suggestion.
Some notable options on the ASGI side are FastAPI for a well-designed framework that would require a rewrite of Dagit, or Quart for a shorter migration path
For GraphQL options you might also look at Ariadne https://ariadnegraphql.org/
opened https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/2655 since i think we don't have a tracking issue for this actualy
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