I haven't found it in the docs yet but if it's the...
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I haven't found it in the docs yet but if it's there lmk and I'll keep looking instead of asking here, but is it possible to run pipelines inside virtualenv (kind of like airflow virtualenv operator)? Or a solution to support different envs in se deployment using venv or something else
not currently, but this is one of the major features in
which is currently slated for release late next week
There wouldn't be any release docs on it yet would it 🤓?
But that's lit than you so much, that's the main feature for piloting this for data science team since they have multiple python environments/jupyter kernel envs they use
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its uh, coming in hot so docs writing is schedule for mid next week
you can peak at https://dagster.phacility.com/D3253 if you want a preview - you will be able to load repositories of pipelines from different locations, and those locations can be separate python environments
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I'll read through I don't mind waiting either but thank you 👍🏾