Just our of curiosity is the ability to perform a ...
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Just our of curiosity is the ability to perform a pipeline backfill from the UI on the roadmap? Right now it looks like it’s only executable from the CLI (https://docs.dagster.io/docs/learn/guides/partitioning/backfill)
Hi @John Mav! It’s not on our immediate roadmap… would your use case mainly be re-running a partitioned schedule across all partitions?
Yeah that’s the main use case. I also have some semi-technical users where if they had to manually do a backfill it would just be easier with a button click
I see… but they wouldn’t need to customize the config on a per-partition basis, aside from the function provided to the schedule definition?
I think that’s the main complexity around providing a complete backfill-via-UI solution
that and how to handle / throttle the batch of requests
We’ve informally been pointing people to this example backfill schedule: https://dagster.phacility.com/source/dagster/browse/master/examples/dagster_examples/schedules.py$68
This schedule runs every minute, looking for partitions that do not have successful runs and kicks off a run for it
So it’s kind of a continuous backfill schedule that you can turn on/off via the UI
It’s just not customizable to every schedule 😕
Ah that example is helpful 🙂 Thanks @prha