Hi, great work on dagster, I am really excited to ...
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Hi, great work on dagster, I am really excited to see where this project goes. I do have a question... Is it possible to organise multiple repositories within one dagster instance? For example... I want all pipelines relating to 'car data' in one repo, and one relating to 'van data' in another repo within one dagit ui instance. Possible? Cheers.
i'm no expert but i think that's possible; running 
 from the 'examples' directory of the repo does this with all the sub-repos
This is not currently possible but we are planning on adding this capability in our next major release, which will be released in June
congadagster 2
Perfect. That will be great.
would this pull the repo every time you run the pipeline? that would be cool
this is dagster repository
not github repository
so just organizing pipelines
ahhh right. i was thinking about git repos and pulling new pipeline changes every run without having to redeploy today ha