Putting this out there as a temperature check: I t...
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Putting this out there as a temperature check: I think that having a flake8 plugin for verifying that the output definitions that are yielded coincide with a set operation of the defined output_defs in the solid config would be useful. For example, if I have
and then later in the function I
yield Output(results, 'boo_out')
it would fail the linting. That would allow for real-time feedback while editing without having to constantly flip between the beginning and end of the function to make sure you've got everything matched up, especially when doing refactoring.
Looking forward to your PR! 😛 We don’t use flake8 internally so its not something we’re likely to write ourselves, at least in the near/medium term.
There are likely a good set of
specific problems that a linter could catch - a dedicated flake8 plugin is probably a good idea and I believe something weld be willing to have in the repo and support over time.
Sounds good. I'll see about setting aside some time to get something started.
feel free to file an issue for it too - could be a good intern project
or i can file one