The lib looks very promising. Picked it over other...
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The lib looks very promising. Picked it over other options for the syntax, type-checking, built-in expectations and cool UI. Just started prototyping, would be happy to run it in production if everything worked out 🙂 I've got couple of questions, I've tried to find the answers using the search but didn't succeed. First one is - what is the best way to provide some config values for the entire pipeline? e.g. I need the same config value for many solids and don't want to repeat it in every one of them. I came up with resources as the workaround, but it looks rather clumsy.
there are lots of ways to do this -- one is to use resources, another is to construct your config dynamically. you might be interested in using pipeline modes to provide different resource implementations to your pipeline when running it in different settings (e.g. test, UA, prod), or in using dynamically generated pipeline presets for sets of config values that go together
got it, thanks