Anyone implemented reusable email alert plugin whe...
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Anyone implemented reusable email alert plugin whenever a pipeline fails?
@sashank did we ever land any of your prototypes or did you have one we could reference here?
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@Res Dev this might be helpful
You can write a custom logger than sends an email using SMTP whenever you encounter a step failure event
Each step failure event will have a serialized exception that you can access and send
Would this work for you? Happy to help implement if it’s confusing
Thank you, all I ever programmed is functional programming (never touched a class). So it does look confusing to me. IMO if we can implement standard email logger as part of dagster ecosystem, I assume that would make adoption of dagster for newcomers a breeze.
Coming from airflow, my experience with dagster is great. Great work bdw
I’m curious if anything every came of this. Custom logger on a step failure sounds nice.
forgot to click the link. I’ll take a look at it, but was also curious if there’s anything new ‘baked in’ since this was originally asked
step failure you can use pipeline failure is coming soon
cc @yuhan
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