I'm trying to add dagstermill to my pipeline and h...
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I'm trying to add dagstermill to my pipeline and having a few problems. The first 2 I was able to workaround, but the last is going to a bug fix in dagstermill.
Can't execute a dagstermill solid from a pipeline that wasn't instantiated using an ExecutionTargetHandle
 error. I'm doing development of pipeline one task at a time and re-executing using execute_pipeline so i can iterate in debugger quickly. I was able to work around this by building from execute handle. This could be documented somewhere.
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handle = ExecutionTargetHandle.for_pipeline_python_file('rightsizedag.py', 'rightsize_pipeline')
pipeline = handle.build_pipeline_definition()
result = execute_pipeline(pipeline, instance=instance, environment_dict=env, run_config=rc)
The second issue was an exception thrown from papermill here in papermill/execute.py
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# Fetch the kernel name if it's not supplied
kernel_name = kernel_name or nb.metadata.kernelspec.name
I was able to work around this by injecting a kernel name in the ipynb. I created the notebook with dagstermill cli and it didnt have this. It would be nice if kernel name could be specified as config to the solid. edit: the exception was a key error that 'kernelspec' didnt exist.
ya 1) should definitely be documented better - we are also exploring ways to improve https://dagster.phacility.com/D2357
The third issue I'm stuck on is my config contains ' characters. The parameters injected in to the notebook...
context = __dm_dagstermill._reconstitute_pipeline_context(**__dm_seven.json.loads('...
This string doesn't have ' escaped so the whole cell fails with syntax error. I tried manually editing the cell to escape all the ' and the notebook can run the cell and loads all my inputs.
cc @max
thanks for the reports - we’ll get this fixed
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thanks for the kernelspec report too
@Will Brown I'm having trouble reproducing your string escaping issue
did this occur when running a pipeline using the python API, or using config from YAML and dagit
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      custom_projections: "vm_size = tostring(properties['hardwareProfile']['vmSize'])"
I have this in my config ^. Those
get serialized right in to the cell as is. inside the
so the
terminates the string and breaks the syntax of the cell.
thanks much
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I can't seem to find a clean way to access the notebook in a subsequent solid. I want to follow up the notebook solid with a solid that uses nbconvert to create a report. The path is yielded in a materialization only. It would be great if there was an option to have the solid yield and output with the output notebook path (or content).
i'll take a look at that tonight
* Fixed an issue when executing dagstermill solids with config that contained quote characters.
* The Jupyter kernel to use may now be specified when creating dagster notebooks with the --kernel flag.
🙂 so fast!
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I think we have something to offer for the solid notebook output as well 🙂
https://dagster.phacility.com/D2431 will merge to master today -- basically this lets you specify an additional argument to
that configures it to yield the notebook as an output
Oh dang. i already implemented the functionality myself. I went a simpler route, deferring to the automatic materialization of outputs. I have the same flag and add the extra output definition exactly like you did. However, i output the actual NotebookNode (it's returned by papermill execute, you dont have to actually read the notebook off disk). I added NotebookNodeDagsterType. In my downstream solid i can just take the incoming NotebookNode object and hand it to nbconvert.
I can share the patch if you're interested.
If nothing else.... there is a little optimization you can make
instead of using scrapbook.read_notebook you can just store the result of your papermill execute call (it returns a NotebookNode). and create a scrapbook.models.Notebook with that result as the arg. It accepts a str path or a NotebookNode already in mem.
yes would love to see the patch!
This is against 0.7.6
heh, i forgot i used the wrapped notebooknode exposed by the scrapbook notebook object, but its identical to what execute returns. the read from disk by scrapbook could be eliminated.