Hello :wave: I've deployed a dagster environment o...
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Hello 👋 I've deployed a dagster environment on k8s ( Daggit / Rabbitmq / Dagster-celery ) 🎉 I'm able to launch Pipeline using Celery, and the worker do their work, and execute the solid they were ask to execute. I'm trying to configure k8s-launcher. It's working great so far, but, I was wondering if there is any way to start solids in parallel. So far, when I start my pipeline, even if the solid can be executed in parallel, the job only run one solid at a time. Is there anyway to configure that ? Thanks for your great work ! dagsir
Found it ! In my configuration, if I add
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      max_concurrent: 2
It can run two solid in parallel 🎉
for the k8s deployment you actually want to be using
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    config: ...