Is it possible for resources to reference/depend o...
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Is it possible for resources to reference/depend on other resources?
It is not, but this is a definite hole in our system.
An excellent question
Could you explain your use case in a little more detail?
Useful context for us when we go ahead and build that
For sure! I created a postgres resource, and then I've got some other command line tools that I want to create a resource for as well that require postgres connection params as inputs. I can just reference os.env for those inputs for now but it would be cool if I could reference the postgres resource in the future
Another random thought is it would be great if I could access the actual name of the current mode from solids. For example, I might want to branch solid logic based on the environment itself, instead of just having different resources getting injected - although maybe that's an antipattern, not sure.
should do it
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