Although the error explanation is quite specific, ...
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Although the error explanation is quite specific, I can’t make it to work. How can I get around:
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dagster.core.errors.DagsterInvalidDefinitionError: In @pipeline networkscore_incremental_pipeline received invalid type <class 'dagster.core.definitions.composition.CallableSolidNode'> for input "tag_session" (at position 0) in solid invocation "update_tags". Must pass the output from previous solid invocations or inputs to the composition function as inputs when invoking solids during composition.
My pipeline:
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def networkscore_incremental_pipeline():
    df_tag_session = load_delta_table_to_df.alias("tag_session_load_delta_table_to_df")
    df = update_tags(df_tag_session, sa_simulation_of_input_nps_categories(),)
I found that the error is in
, if I use something different it works. I figured maybe the return of the solid is not typed as
. Tried _`output_defs`_ and other things. What I’m missing? my very easy update_tags-solid:
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    description='''Update Tag to Session mapping table with new inputs from external applications (e.g. SA)''',
def update_tags(context, tag_session: DataFrame, new_tags_sessions: DataFrame) -> DataFrame:
    return tag_session
and my error source in
, but why?
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    required_resource_keys={'spark', 's3'},
    description='''Loads given delta coordinates into a spark data frame''',
    # output_defs=[OutputDefinition(name='df', dagster_type=DataFrame, is_optional=False),],
def load_delta_table_to_df(
    context, delta_coordinate: DeltaCoordinate, where_conditions: String,
) -> DataFrame:

    delta_path = get_s3a_path(
        delta_coordinate['s3_coordinate_bucket'], delta_coordinate['s3_coordinate_key']
    df = ("delta")
    return df
Thanks a lot for any help, hint or others.