Hi :wave: just joined the channel. I'm setting u...
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Hi 👋 just joined the channel. I'm setting up a dagster project and have been going through the documentation trying to better understand the config options available for dagster.yaml as well as repository.yaml and the relationship between these two files when
gets executed. Can anyone point me to further documentation or examples for dagster.yaml etc (beyond what is in https://docs.dagster.io/latest/deploying/instance/)? Maybe what the "default" dagster.yaml would look like and specifically options for
. Thanks!
funny you ask - I just put up a diff to improve those docs https://dagster.phacility.com/D2200
“default” dagster.yaml would look like and specifically options for dagit_settings
heres where that config is defined for reference https://dagster.phacility.com/source/dagster/browse/master/python_modules/dagster/dagster/core/instance/config.py$43-54
So the “default” of that would be
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    disabled: False
    max_concurrent_runs: # empty to set to None
Awesome thanks—that is helpful. So is execution_manager the only configurable dagit setting for now?
correct - humble beginnings 😄
what would you like to configure?
I was just trying change the default path that dagit looks at for repository.yaml. I initally thought it would be a config option in dagster.yaml but I figured out how to do it with the documentation describing the dagit CLI options—those docs are currently down at the bottom of the
page, but might be helpful to highlight them somewhere since this is a common entrypoint for the application.
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(I added DAGIT_REPOSITORY_YAML to my .env)
Thanks for your help!
let us know if you have any other questions or feedback
Will do. And great product really enjoying it so far! Thanks!
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