Hi guys, I've got another question regarding dagit...
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Hi guys, I've got another question regarding dagit UI. I've got a lot of times the same kind of solid that executes (take a df in input, filter it based on some data, add columns, then output that filtered enhanced df). I have smth like 35 of those and counting, I concat all these filtered df dfs in the end in order to send to the data owners to tell them what is wrong with their data. The thing is all those solids are on the same horizontal line (which makes total sense), but that starts to stretch it a bit. Is there a way to override or arrange the position of these in dagit? If not, no problem, I can live with it 🙂 Thanks!
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Like this. Thank again.
Have you looked in to
its a way to do composition in the dag which would allow your top level dag to be simpler by moving this fan out / in (or whatever subdag) to its own “composite solid”
Hi alex, thanks for the suggestion. Haven't tried that yet, that was my back-up plan. I'll check that, thanks!