Anyone else getting an error when clicking the "Re...
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Anyone else getting an error when clicking the "Reload" button in Dagit ? I've never been able to get this to work without error.
ya this seems like a bug on our end - can you provide more context about how you are launching dagit?
what operating system? edit: ah looks like windows in the path
for context - this generally works (on mac) when using
which is a wrapper around
that sets up the reload machinery
we found the bug (missing
🙃 ) thanks for the report!
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Sure no problem, here is a little more context: • Windows 10 Education x64 • Python 3.7.5 x64 • Running "dagit" command from project root
oh ok great. thought I was doing something wrong. Look forward to 0.7.1 😛
FYI, the fix will be removing the button so that it doesn’t generate the error, but the underlying issue is that we’re using
to trigger reload events, which has an open issue on Windows
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